Next, we give more details about the right to appear as a private prosecution.

In the Spanish legal system, any person offended by a crime (victim) or their legal representative, has the right to exercise the private accusation, appearing in the judicial procedure for the defense of their interests. This right recognized in the Criminal Procedure Law is included in the fundamental right to effective judicial protection.

In this way, the victim or injured party or, where appropriate, their legal representatives, through their lawyer, may provide evidence, request their practice to clarify the facts, attend the statements of the investigated, witnesses and experts, present a statement of accusation, request compensation for the damages caused, attend the trial and have an active participation in it, as well as file the pertinent remedies, and/or challenge those filed to the contrary.

It is a right that you have as an injured party or victim of the crime to be a party and participant in the criminal procedure, not a mere spectator of it.

In addition, a conviction is accompanied by compensation for the damages caused as a result of the crime committed. The quantification of the same is very important, the relevant evidence must be provided during the process to prove the extent of the damage and to be able to compensate the victim in the most fair way.

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