On October 26, the documentaryDolores: La verdad sobre el caso Wanninkhof” (in English, “Dolores: The truth about the Wanninkhof case”) premiered on HBO Max, which includes the testimonies of several of those involved in said case and collects for the first time the direct testimony of Dolores Vázquez, who was accused and unjustly convicted of a murder that she did not commit and for which she spent 517 days in prison before being acquitted, as well as that of her defense attorney Pedro Apalategui Isasa.

This procedure has been classified as one of the greatest judicial errors, highlighting the dangers of parallel trials in the media and the influence they exert on public opinion.

In the following article, Pedro Apalategui, Founding partner of Apalategui & Asociados law firm, makes some reflections about the incidence of parallel trials on judicial processes.

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