Crime of Documentary Falsehood, Criminal Defense

Crime of Documentary Falsehood, Criminal Defense

The crime of document falsification is a serious crime that usually accompanies other crimes such as crimes of fraud or tax crimes or against the Public Treasury through the use of false invoices, which is why it is essential to have advice and specialization of professionals in the field given the high penalties contemplated in the Penal Code for this crime.

If you need the services of a specialized lawyer due to an accusation for the crime of document falsification, at APALATEGUI ABOGADOS we offer you the best advice and defense.

Crime of documentary falsehood

In the crime of document falsification, the Penal Code defines four variants that can be committed on the document and that give rise to criminal reproach:

The alteration of requirements or essential elements of an official, public or commercial document,

Lack of truth in the narration of the facts.

Simulate a document in part or in its entirety for the purpose of misleading about its authenticity.

To suppose that people have intervened in an act who have not really done so, as well as attribute manifestations or statements that do not correspond to reality to those who have participated.

The documentary falsification consisting of failing to tell the truth in the narration of the facts committed by an individual is not contemplated in the Penal Code and therefore is not punishable, however the authority or public official may commit this type of the crime of documentary falsehood.

Similarly, the penalties to be imposed will be different depending on whether the author is an authority or a public official, or other individual.

The crime of falsification may be committed on public, official and commercial documents; on private documents and on certificate

Crime of documentary falsehood, criminal defense

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