Criminal lawyers

Criminal Lawyers

APALATEGUI ABOGADOS is made up of criminal lawyers, specialized in criminal jurisdiction. We are a national benchmark with extensive and intense experience, having intervened in numerous matters: minor crimes, serious crimes, summary crimes, trials before the Jury Court, National Court, Supreme Court.

Our specialization in Criminal Law will allow you to receive the best advice from the beginning of the procedure, either as a private accusation, or as an investigated.

The criminal procedure is divided into three phases: investigation, intermediate phase (indictments and defense briefs) and oral trial. Assistance and advice by specialized professionals in each of the different phases is essential in order to ensure success in defending your interests, proposing evidence, witnesses and requesting those investigation procedures favorable to your claims.

Criminal lawyers: cases in which we specialize

Our team will assist you in any of the following matters:

Filing of a complaint

Police or judicial arrest

Assistance in prison

Criminal prosecution or criminal defense

Quick trials

Minor offenses

Preliminary proceedings and urgent proceedings

Abbreviated procedure


Criminal liability of the minor

Jury Court

Crimes against people:

Crimes of gender violence

Injuries and slander

Medical negligence

Administrative and political crimes:

Economic crimes:

Traffic offenses:

Crimes against property:

Crimes against public health:

Urbanistic crimes:

Crimes against freedom:

Crimes against public order:

Crimes against sexual freedom:

Family abandonment, non-payment of pensions, child abduction, etc.

Crimes against social security and workers' rights

Appeals before the Provincial Court and Supreme Court

Appeal for protection before the Constitutional Court and appeal before the ECHR

Provisional prison appeal

Suspension of sentence


Execution of sentence

Other crimes

Criminal lawyers

“Judge a man when you’ve put yourself in his place”

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If you have been involved in a criminal procedure, do not hesitate to contact APALATEGUI ABOGADOS, we will give you the best advice for your specific case. You can contact us through our contact form, or more immediately through the following phones:

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Available during the opening hours of our law firm in Malaga.

Detainees telephone number:

Available for detainees 24 hours. Also contact via WhatsApp through this phone and from the button at the bottom right on this website.

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