Detainee assistance

Detainee Assistance

Advice by an expert criminal lawyer from the beginning of the process is essential to obtain the most beneficial result possible, that is why we advise that before a judicial or police summons as investigated, or an arrest, you should be advised by an expert, if you wish to have the support of APALATEGUI ABOGADOS from that moment, do not hesitate to contact us for the best possible advice.

Do you need assistance to the detainee urgently in Malaga? Contact us.

If you need the urgent assistance of a criminal lawyer in Malaga in the event of a judicial or police summons, or an arrest, do not hesitate to contact APALATEGUI ABOGADOS as soon as possible.

We provide assistance to the detainee in Police Station and Courts. If you are in an emergency, contact us as soon as possible:

659081028 (Whatsapp)

Available for detainees 24 hours. Also contact via WhatsApp through this phone and from the button at the bottom right on this website.

Detainee assistance

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If you need our services in a non-urgent way, you can also contact APALATEGUI ABOGADOS through our contact form, or through our office phone:

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Available during the opening hours of our law firm in Malaga.

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