Prevention of money laundering

Prevention of Money Laundering

APALATEGUI ABOGADOS offers advice on the prevention of money laundering, if you are looking for legal advice on the matter, do not hesitate to contact us.

Law 10/2010 of April 28, on the prevention of money laundering and the financing of terrorism, determines who the obligated subjects are and imposes on them a series of obligations whose non-compliance may imply the imposition of administrative sanctions.

The Spanish administrative authority that supervises the control and surveillance of capital prevention is SEPBLAC.

Criminal defense of money laundering crime

APALATEGUI ABOGADOS has proven experience defending clients accused of committing a money laundering crime.

It is a crime that requires a specialized defense such as that offered by APALATEGUI ABOGADOS, with knowledge of the extensive jurisprudence on the matter, of the legislation and, above all, a detailed study of each case in order to establish a line of defense.

Regulation in Spain of the crime of money laundering

The crime of laundering is regulated in article 301 of the Penal Code, it reads as follows: “1.Whoever acquires, possesses, uses, converts, or transmits goods, knowing that these have their origin in a criminal activity, committed by him or by any third person, or perform any other act to hide or conceal their illicit origin, or to help the person who has participated in the offense or offenses to avoid the legal consequences of their actions…”

The criminal type applies even if the laundering behaviors or the crime from which the assets come have been committed, totally or partially abroad, and even if there is no conviction for the antecedent crime.

Historical origin of the crime of money laundering

The crime of money laundering is an example that criminal law also evolves over time, as it has been endowed with content and has gone from almost nonexistence to being one of the most common in our Courts and Tribunals.

The term “money laundering” arises in the US when in New York City the italian mafia used a network of laundries with legal benefits through which they introduced the money obtained from the commission of crimes into the market, thus passing that money to have the appearance of legality.

The international evolution of the fight against organized crime, drug trafficking and terrorism has fueled this crime, hence its relevance.

Prevention of money laundering

“The masterpiece of injustice is to appear fair without being so”

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