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APALATEGUI ABOGADOS is a Professional Lawyers society registered in the Illustrious Bar Association of Malaga, made up of a team with extensive experience and a recognized trajectory in criminal law. It is your law firm of reference.

Professional experience is an asset of Apalategui Abogados, to which we add continuous training, honesty, loyalty, personalized treatment and closeness to our clients.

Our high specialization in criminal law leads us to advise private clients, companies and other professionals who demand expert collaboration.

Apalategui Abogados Compliance offers comprehensive advice to companies in the face of criminal risks. Your company deserves protection against the potential risk of criminal proceedings.


Its founder, Don Pedro Apalategui de Isasa graduated in Law from the University of Granada, joining the Bar Association of Malaga, on April 14, 1971, to practice as a lawyer, specializing since its inception in criminal law.

The link with the world of law constitutes a family saga, his father, Don Octavio Apalategui de Asúa, was a magistrate in Malaga, among other destinations. Don Pedro Apalategui de Ocejo, his grandfather, was Professor of Civil Law and a member of the Royal Academy of Jurisprudence and Legislation, author of legal works under the pseudonym of Mucius Scaevola.

Since 2001, his daughter, Regina Apalategui Montañez, joined the Illustrious Bar Association of Malaga, currently being a solvent and recognized lawyer, has participated in relevant matters, a member of the firm and engine of the changes to place Bufete Apalategui & Asociados at the height of the modernity of an office of the XXI Century, maintaining the proximity and personalized service.

Given the need to continue offering an excellent service, the Lawyer Beatriz Aranda Moreno joined the firm in 2011, after having intervened in multiple matters with great solvency, she is already an integral part of Apalategui Abogados.

Apalategui Abogados brings together experience, knowledge, legal rigor and modernity to offer our clients the best of a traditional firm, updated to the demands of our time.

Professional experience and career

Apalategui Abogados has defended its clients in an exemplary way, with numerous success stories, many of them especially complicated, such as “Caso Wanninkhoff” “Caso Minutas”, “Caso Intelhorce”, “Caso Arcos”, “Caso Troya”, “Caso Eres de Sevilla”, etc.

In 2016, the founder of Apalategui Abogados, Pedro Apalategui de Isasa received the Medal of Merit in the Law Service, awarded by the Consejo General de la Abogacía Española (CGAE, General Council of Spanish Law), thus being honored in recognition of his meritorious professional career.

Due to his exemplary career in law, Apalategui has been interviewed on numerous occasions by different media. He is also a Professor invited by the Menéndez Pelayo International University of Santander in the summer courses.

The members of Apalategui Abogados have participated in talks and discussions related to the law. They have recently participated in a round table on parallel trials and the presumption of innocence around the Wanninkhoff case, as well as in other debates about parallel trials in the media.

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