Criminal Law

In APALATEGUI ABOGADOS we are specialists in Criminal Law, our office carries out procedures that cover all areas of this branch of law throughout the Spanish geography.

We have extensive experience, both in the criminal defense of those accused of committing crimes, as well as exercising the private prosecution when assisting and representing victims of crimes, as appropriate to the case.

We attend each case in a totally personalized way and with a close treatment, always with our maximum commitment, attention, professionalism and confidentiality, adapting to the circumstances and needs of each of our clients. We distinguish three well differentiated case profiles:

Company crimes

They are those crimes that take place within the scope of companies or societies, involving a legal person, those who administer it or their staff. Often these are cases related to the financial field, or illicit in competition, labor, tax, or conflicts between partners.

High-profile professionals

This is the case of high-level professionals, athletes, or other publicly exposed people, who not only face a legal trial, but also their image and public reputation is compromised.

Offenses of individuals

Whether it is a minor or a serious crime, anyone has the right to a legitimate criminal defense and respect for their procedural rights. Appropriate assistance from an attorney allows the best defense for the individual to be established.
Among the matters in the criminal field, the following should be noted:

  • General Criminal Law
  • Jury Court
  • Minors
  • Gender Violence (including civil-family matters)
  • Economic Criminal Law
  • Extraditions

If you need defense or advice in criminal law, do not hesitate to contact us:

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