Recently, the Malaga Bar Association has held a ceremony to mark the opening of the new judicial year, followed by homages to the lawyers who celebrate 50 and 25 years of joining the Malaga Bar Association, among whom is Pedro Apalategui de Isasa.

During the opening ceremony of the judicial year, the dean, Salvador González, appealed to the unit “to solve the most pressing deficiencies” of justice in the province, pointing out some of the most urgent issues: the increase in judicial bodies, the doubling of the jurisdiction in Estepona, the improvement of headquarters and free justice… as well as the need to provide justice with technological means, to renew the General Council of the Judiciary and return to the normality of justice (after COVID-19) as soon as possible.

After the opening ceremony, the homages began. Among the honorees is Pedro Apalategui de Isasa, who together with Ignacio Barrionuevo Soler, José Manuel Ávila Etchart and José Manuel Cabra de Luna (the last two could not attend the event) are the 4 lawyers who are 50 years old on this occasion since joining the Malaga Bar Association. During the homages, the dean pointed out how the 4 are “authentic references” for the legal profession, highlighting how they have participated in the training of many generations of lawyers through their work in the School of Legal Practice, in the Master of Law and in the training activities of the College.

During his speech, Apalategui affirmed that professional practice is “purely vocational”, appealing to ethics.

Recently, Apalategui reviewed his professional career in an interview with the newspaper La Opinión de Málaga, including the case of the unfair accusation to Dolores Vázquez.

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